The Dinner Daily: Easy Meal Plans for Saving Time and Money

The Dinner Daily

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The Dinner Daily

A golden rule to save money on meals is to cook based on what is on sale. However, to most people, it is easier said than done. One has to check what is on sale from a weekly ad, search for relevant coupons, plan recipes accordingly, and make a shopping list on what needed for the recipe. It can be quite stressful and time-consuming.

The Dinner Daily is a program designed to help people easily prepare their dinner using ingredients that are on sale.  It does all the thinking, planning, and budgeting for you!

I have been using the Dinner Daily for a few weeks.  I am glad to share my experience of using their program to plan grocery shopping and meals.  

A unique feature of the Dinner Daily is its “Menus Based on your store Sales.” When you sign up the Dinner Daily (they offer 2-week free trial), you can select your family size, state, menu type, and your store.

There are 6 menu types to choose from-everything, no seafood, no red meat/no pork, poultry & vegetarian, vegetarian with seafood, and vegetarian.

You can choose the store that you usually shop for groceries at over 11,000 stores across 48 states, such as Kroger, Publix, Giant, Audi, Food Lion, and many others. If your store is not on the list, you can simply select “any store” which include Walmart, Wegman’s Costco, Trader Joes and Target.
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Each week, you will receive an email with a weekly menu based on what is on sale in your store, a shopping list, and a coupon link. If what you select is “any store” rather than a specific grocery store, the menus are not based on weekly sales, but provide all other benefits of time savings, convenience, and easy healthy meal ideas.

The weekly menu includes 5 awesome dinners based on your store specials, which allows big savings on groceries. Each dinner has several possible options so if you do not like what they suggest, you can easily switch to something else. 

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The printable shopping list includes all the ingredients that you need for cooking those meals. Please note that when you switch a meal on the weekly menu, your shopping list items will also change automatically with it. On your shopping list, many items are noted as “sale,” which means they are your store weekly specials. Besides, the number in front of an item and the color of the number match its relevant recipe, making it super easy to know how this item will be used. What a neat idea to simplify the process!

What I also like about this printable shopping list is that it is editable, so I can use it as my regular shopping list by adding other things that I need from grocery shopping, such as yogurt, milk, and eggs and cross out items that I do not need. 

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The coupons provide links to manufacturer coupons for the shopping list. It is an extra way to save money. Those are the coupons for common and everyday items used across all the recipes the program offers, so coupons may or may not exactly match items on the shopping list for a specific weekly menu. It is a very convenient way to find useful coupons for grocery shopping.

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The Dinner Daily generously offered me an extended free trial to test and review their program. I am very impressed with their user-friendly format and delicious meal ideas. It definitely has helped me save time and money on food. 

While the weekly menu and shopping list give users guidance on what to buy and cook, I suggest users be flexible when shopping for and preparing the meals on the weekly menu. Sometimes an ingredient may be out of stock in your store, which is beyond the control of the Dinner Daily program. In addition, there are some ingredients that you either do not want or already have at home, so feel free to cross them off the shopping list.

Here’s the shrimp and asparagus stir fry I made following their menu. It is healthy and delicious. I replaced the suggested Quinoa in the menu with white rice because a). I had 25lb rice at home, b) white rice works better for my Chinese stomach. 

The Dinner Daily

Sign up to try The Dinner Daily for 14 days, Free! You will like it. After the trial period, the membership is just $1.50/week or less, depending on the plan you choose. ($18 for three months, $30 for six months, or $48 for a full year).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact them via email or use their live chat.
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The Dinner Daily