4 Simple Money Saving Tips on Halloween Costumes

Money Saving Tips on Halloween Costumes

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Money Saving Tips on Halloween Costumes

Soon, it will be time for trick-or-treating. You must be thinking what costume your kids should get this year. The truth is those costumes, most time just one-use only, are quite expensive. They are cute but are these really worth the dollars. I’d like to share some money saving tips on Halloween costumes.

Trade with friends

Do you have friends who have girls or boys at a similar age as your children?  How about this year Lilly is dressed as Cinderella and Laura as Mulan and the next year they switch? Each family only needs to buy one costume but kids can have different looks each year.

Purchase the costume in the previous year’s after-Halloween sale

Some stores may have Halloween-themed stuff, including costumes, on sale after the holiday. It is a good chance to store up costumes for the next year. One year, I bought an Indiana Jones costume for Andy at 75% discount (about $7) from Toys’R’Us on the day after Halloween. He looked really cute in the next year’s Halloween. And guess what, I then sold it on Ebay for $12 right before the Halloween of following year.


Use travel souvenirs

Check whether there are any souvenirs that you’ve bought from your travel can be used as a costume. A cowboy hat, a feather hairband, a Mexican sombrero can just do the trick. Andy’s first Halloween costume was a Mickey Mouse hat that Roy and I bought as a travel souvenir from Disney years ago.


Be creative and DIY

If you are a handy person who enjoys DIY, you can consider making Halloween costume yourselves. Not only it saves you money, it also allows more creativity and uniqueness. This website, www.realsimple.com, provides some really helpful ideas on DIY Halloween costumes. Best of all, you can use things that you already have such as Pringle tubes, brown paper bags, and hangers.

Halloween kicks off the holiday season. You don’t have to break a bank for Halloween celebration. With some planning and some creativity, you can successfully cut costs on costumes.


Saving Money on Halloween