25 Easy Ways to Improve your Budget and Save More

ways to save money

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Saving money may not be as hard as you think. Try the following 25 tips to improve your budget and save more money:

1. Write down your financial goals. Setting short-term and long-term financial goals will help you plan what you need to do financially in the recent months, this year, and even the next 5 years.

2. Put saving an emergency fund as a high priority. If you do not have the fund to cover emergencies yet, make sure your monthly budget includes savings for unplanned events.

3. Track what you spend on and how much you spend. You need to know where your money goes in order to figure out where and how to cut certain expenses. 

4. Make staycation as one of your options when you make a vacation plan. When you have a tight budget, consider having a staycation instead of an expensive vacation, such as going to a movie, taking a hike, or hosting a potluck.

5. Skip the drinks, and instead, ask for water in a restaurant. Drinks such as coke and wine are big money-makers for restaurants and are most over-priced items on their menus.

6. Bring your own lunch to work. Making your own lunch instead of dining out may save you from $100-$200 per month. That’s quite a lot of savings in the long run.

7. Use a shopping list for grocery shopping. Use a shopping list for grocery shopping. A shopping list helps you stick to the plan and avoid impulse spending.

8. Drink more home-made coffee instead of buying coffee. A survey shows on average, American works spend $1,092 on coffee each year. Making your own coffee may save you nearly a thousand dollars.

9. Check your local library before ordering a book. Make full use of your library card and borrow books instead of buying them. You can still be an avid reader without spending money on books. Once can also download Amazon’s free e-books, or read free books from Google Play.

10. Use cloth napkins rather than paper napkins. Cloth napkins last longer, generate less trash, and save you money since they are reusable.

11. Never waste food. Each year, an American toss away an average of approximately $500 unwanted food. To avoid wasting food, one needs to shop smart, store food properly, and be willing to eat leftovers.  

12. Make your own gifts and greeting cards instead of buying those from stores

13. Sell your unwanted stuff on eBay or a yard sale. Turn the items no longer needed into extra cash.

14. Unplug electronics when they are not in use. Unplugging household appliances (except for a few items such as a refrigerator) can effectively cut standby power.

15. Purchase store brand products. Store brands are often just as good as brand-name products and can be much cheaper.  

16. Shop with coupons and/or when products are on sale. Coupon websites and apps, such as Flipp and RetailMeNot, offers hundreds of store ads, deals, and coupons.

17. Compare insurance options and shop for better deals. When purchasing car, home, or life insurance, compare the offers from different insurance companies to get the best price.

18. Hang your clothes dry instead of using the dryer. A clothes dryer may take 12% of your electricity bill. Air drying cloth can save you about $200 per year.

19. Cancel gym memberships if not frequently used. If you are a gym member that rarely use the facilities, it is simply a waste of money—it is time to cancel your membership.

20. Take public transportation or bike instead of driving. 

21. Buy in bulk (and then split with friends and share costs if possible). Note–when you buy perishable items, be sure you have a plan on processing them immediately or sharing them with others.  

22. Check free or low-cost local events (e.g., free museum admission, free concerts). 

23. Use cash-back programs such as Ibotta and Ebates. You can earn money back when you go shopping online or in store. Sign up for Ibotta now (it’s FREE) and you will get $10 welcome bonus! Sign-up for Ebates now (it’s FREE) and you will get $10 cash back as your signup bonus! 

24. Combine multiple errands into one trip. Reduce the number of trips can save you gas, time and money.

25. Take shorter showers—try 5-minute shower to save money and water.


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25 easy ways to save money; money saving tips


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