How We Found Sponsors for My Children’s Spring Backyard Concert

How We Found Sponsors for My Children’s Spring Backyard Concert

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How We Found Sponsors for My Children’s Spring Backyard Concert

This past Memorial Day had special meaning to us. My children’s band had their first concert in our backyard! What’s more, we found three sponsors for their concert.

Andy and Ally have been playing musical instruments for several years. At the beginning of this year, they decided to have their own band and recruited band members from their friends. Six kids who share the passion for music came together, playing trumpet, flute, clarinet, trombone, drum, and saxophone.

After months’ practice and rehearsal, it was a time for the band to have a spring concert. We did a lot of preparation work for this event—choosing an outfit for music players, inviting guest performers, designing the concert program, and coordinating the logistics.  It turned out that we would have 10 performers and about 50 audiences.

At that moment, my husband and I started to think big—could we even find sponsors for our concert?

I know this may sound impossible. Who would sponsor a concert given by a bunch of kids in a house backyard? However, you would never know the answer if you never try. Before the concert day, we managed to find some local stores that provided us generous support. 

Here are some tips on how to get sponsors for your event:

1. Make a plan

After we decided to seek sponsorships, we did not just enter a store and ask for support. Our whole family sat down and planned actionable steps and strategies, including what kind of sponsorship we were looking for, which stores to contact, what channel we would use to reach out to the potential sponsors, what message we wanted to convey, etc.

2. Be formal and professional

We wanted to make it a formal event, rather than just a fun family party. Even though it was held in our backyard, we aimed to make it formal concert performance.

We made a 4-page program including all the information of the concert, developed a formal letter that introduced our band and explained why sponsorship is needed.  These documents were very important. Store managers need to know what kind of event this was and how well-prepared you were. Besides, the request should be reasonable and well-justified. 

3. Identify potential sponsors

Our whole family did research on prospective local stores we thought might be interested in sponsoring this event. Since we’ve been living in this community for several years, we had some previous experience interacting with some stores. We made a short list of stores that were family/kid-friendly and relevant to the support we were looking for.

4. Know what we need from sponsors

We know exactly what we need from sponsors. One is monetary support for purchasing music books and other logistic costs for the band’s further development. Other support may be providing food for the audience at the concert.

5. Specify what we can offer in return

One question that potential sponsor might ask is why they should sponsor your event. One favor we offered was to put their store information and image on additional pages of our music program. Our audiences are all from the local area, they are likely to be their store customers. In addition, they would get a shoutout from our social media and my blog.  This would be a win-win partnership.

6. Be confident and sincere when communicating with potential sponsors

My 10-year-old daughter, Ally, played a key role in initiating the request to prospective sponsors. I was impressed with her confidence in asking to speak to the store manager and her sincere and respectful manner when she presented our request. It is important to prepare the basic script, but more importantly is the way one conveys the message and the request. 

We were glad that among the five stores we approached, three of them agreed to support our concert in some way. 

Our spring concert was a tremendous success not only for a wonderful night full of fun and music, but also for the invaluable opportunity to seek and collaborate with local sponsors.

These are our three amazing sponsors:

  • Music & Arts – sponsoring program printing and music booksmusic & arts

Their local store provides everything one needs for music, including products, rentals, lessons, and repairs. Their staff members are super friendly and helpful. Andy has been taking trumpet lessons there for two years. We love that store.

great harvest breadTheir local store is filled with the aroma of freshly-baked bread. They bake everything from scratch, including all kinds of bread, cookies, and muffins. Everything is so delicious. When you enter the store, you get a warm greeting and a generous food sample, totally brightening your day.

Seven SeasSeven Seas is one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Rockville, MD. Their seafood and noodle soup are must-tries. The restaurant is designed with elements of traditional Chinese culture, making dining a joyful experience. If you ever visit Rockville, this is the restaurant I high recommend.  


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  1. How great that you could do that for your kids. I bet that is something they will always remember!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am sure they will remember everything about this event.

  2. This is such a great post. Very innovative and it’s amazing how your family’s hardwork paid well at the end.

    1. Thanks so mcuh!

  3. That’s a neat idea – I don’t have teens yet, but I can see this kind of thing happening around here in the future!
    Would you say your time and effort involved balanced out with both sponsorship and life experience benefits?

    1. Great question! It is definitely worthwhile–it is not about getting free food and free books. More than that, children learned how to do fundraising, how to communicate with and convince others, and how to deal with rejections. It is an invaluable experience for teenagers and will benefit their future life and work.

  4. That is amazing! I love how your whole family got involved and found such great sponsors for their concert. Congrats to you all!

  5. Fantastic story! Kudos to the sponsors for saying yes to some kids thinking big!

    1. Thank you so much! They did get a No, but I am glad most said yes.

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