How to Use Rakuten to Earn Money: 6 Hacks you Need to Know

how to use rakuten for cash back

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You probably already know that Rakuten (previously “EBates”) is an awesome website that gives your free money for shopping. Every time when you log in to your Rakuten account and use a store’s link from their website to make purchases, you get paid cash back. 

There are tons of retailers that offer cash back on their website such as Walmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Groupon, Sephora and more. If you are an online shopper but are not using Rakuten, you are missing some big savings.

If you have not used Rakuten before, sign up for Rakuten using this link now to receive $10 bonus when you spend $25 online.

Rakuten is totally free. Once it is directed to the shopping site, you shop as usual and it won’t add any additional costs. Rakuten is not a scam. I have made hundreds of dollars from it last year. 

While many people already know Rakuten’s basic online shopping cashback function, there are 6 hacks on how to use Rakuten to maximize earnings from online and in-store shopping.

1. Create Favorites List

Once you sing up for Rakuten, you can create a list of your favorite stores. There are 2000 stores online that offer cash back from Rakuten. If there are some stores that you frequently shop from, you can simply add them to the favorite store list so you don’t have to search for it every time.

The favorite stores are listed on an individual page of your account. If there are any double cash back deals (e.g., 6% cash back instead of 3%), those deals will be highlighted at the top of the page (see example below).

Groupon image

If you are using Rakuten app, your favorite stores also have their own page named “favorites”, making the purchase easier.

2. Use the Cash Back Button

Rakuten offers cash back button (a browser extension) that allows shopping at your favorite Rakuten stores without having to visit first.

Rakuten button

When I started to Rakuten (previously “Ebates”), there are many times that I forgot to use it and missed my cash back. Now I stalled Rakuten button to my Google Chrome and I never miss any cash back opportunities.

The button helps me remember to use Rakuten when I am shopping online. Besides, it shows the current cash back percent and coupon codes available for my favorite stores

3. Use Rakuten to Save on Travel and Vacation

We tend to think Rakuten offers money for online shopping from retailers, but often forget that we can also get cash back for booking flights, cars, and hotels through Rakuten.

On Rakuten “travel and vacations” page, you can find popular travel sites (e.g., Expedia, Hotwire), car rental companies (e.g., Avis, Hertz), hotels (e.g., Hilton, Marriott, Days Inn), and even airlines (e.g., Air France, Virgin America).

rakuten travel list

You can also use Rakuten hotel website to book hotels around the world and enjoy 7% cash back.

When you plan your next travel, be sure to use Rakuten to get the free money you deserve!

4. Use In-store Cashback

In-store Cash Back is a new way for Rakuten members to earn cash back. While people often use Rakuten for online shopping rebates, fewer people have used it to earn cash back when shopping at local stores. 

It is super easy. What you need to do is to add one or more credit or debit cards to your Rakuten profile and link the cards to the available cash back offers. When you shop in the store where you’ve linked your card to, you earn cash back on qualifying purchases.

There are not a huge number of stores offer in-store cashback yet, but there are definitely some that we often shop from, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, GNC, Gap, Saks Fifth Avenue, the Body Shop, American Eagle, and Petco.

In-Store Cash Back is currently available only to US cardholders who shop in-store at participating merchant locations in the U.S.

5. Download Rakuten App to your Smartphone

We are not always in front of a computer, but for many of us, we always have our smartphones with us. The Rakuten app gives you the convenience to make online shopping with your phone.

You don’t need to open any browsers and log into your account every time. The app provides a direct link to your favorite stores, so you can make purchases as you normally do and easily earn money back.

Besides, when you are shopping at a store, you can link the credit card that you are using with the store right on site. Then your purchases will earn you cash back.
How to Use Rakuten to Earn Money: 6 Hacks you Need to Know

6. Combine Coupon Codes with Cash Back

Rakuten allows you to use coupon/promotion codes when you shop through their website. They actually provide various coupon codes and deals information for people to maximizing savings.

When shopping through Rakuten, be sure to apply relevant coupon codes at check out. You get cash back automatically, but you have to add the coupon code manually to get the discount.

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Hope this review is helpful for learning more about how to use Rakuten to get more savings. 

Sign up for Rakuten and start to get CASH BACK for just spending now. When you sign up and spend $25 online, you will get a $10 cash as their welcome bonus.

how to use rakuten to earn money

how to use rekuten to earn money


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    1. Thanks for the comment! I used their in-store option since I frequently shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond. So far, it works well for me. I often use the coupon codes on Ebates too. 🙂

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