20 Gorgeous Pieces of Jewelry for Frugal Moms

Gorgeous pieces of jewelry for moms

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Gorgeous pieces of jewelry for moms

When it comes to jewelry, I am a quite picky person. I do not like to spend a fortune for an expensive piece of jewelry just for the luxurious feeling or for showing off.  My jewelry collection is unique and meaningful, usually hand-made. When I travel to different cities and countries, jewelry made by local artists is my best souvenir. When shopping online, Etsy is my favorite store for buying pretty hand-made earrings, bracelets and other elegant pieces of jewelry.

With the Mother’s Day next month, treat the awesome moms in your life with the gorgeous jewelry from Etsy. Here are 20 nice pieces of jewelry at affordable prices.


Gorgeous pieces of jewelry for moms

1. Pale Blue Aquamarine Sterling Silver Earrings with Herringbone Wrapping

Pale blue aquamarine sterling silver earringsLearn More

2. Champagne Drop Earrings

Champagne Drop EarringsLearn More

3. Rose Gold Hoop Earring

Rose Gold Hoop EarringLearn More

4. Honey Bee Earrings

Honey Bee EarringsLearn More

5. Boho Dangle Earrings with Green Turquoise

Boho Dangle Earrings with Green TurquoiseLearn More

6. Red Drop Earrings

Red Drop EarringsLearn More


7. Bohemian Necklace

Bohemian NecklaceLearn More

8. Lariat Orchid Silver Necklace

Lariat Orchid Silver NecklaceLearn More

9. Rose Pendant Necklace

Rose Pendant NecklaceLearn More

10. Tulip Necklace

Tulip NecklaceLearn More


11. Brass Orchid Necklace

Brass Orchid NecklaceLearn More



12. Open Ring – Dark Turquoise Green

Open ring - Dark Turquoise GreenLearn More

13. Pastel Mint Resin Ring

Pastel Mint Resin RingLearn More

14. Blue Sapphire Ring – Slim

Blue Sapphire ring - SlimLearn More

15. Custom Handwriting Ring

Custom Handwriting RingLearn More



16. Bangle Bracelet, “Always Be My Mom”

Bangle Bracelet, Always Be My MomLearn More

17. Turquoise Bracelet

Turquoise BraceletLearn More

18. Hand Gilded Fox Bangle

Hand Gilded Fox BangleLearn More

19. Birthstone Bracelet

Birthstone BraceletLearn More

20. Beaded Bracelet with Clock Face

Beaded Bracelet with Clock FaceLearn More

Gorgeous pieces of jewelry for moms


  1. Avatar

    These are some great picks! I especially love the resin ring

  2. Avatar

    Yes, love Etsy and you have selected so many beautiful pieces. I love the Champagne drop earrings and sapphire ring.

  3. Avatar

    I love the whole collection but especially the rings!!!

  4. Avatar

    What great picks! I got my sister some jewelry from Etsy a couple of years ago for her birthday and she still talks about how special they are to her. 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Everything is so beautiful!! Perfect for Mother’s Day or any woman! 🙂

  6. Avatar

    These all look really great, I especially like the orchid sliver necklace. If I could only choose one, that would be it. Stunning.

  7. Avatar

    This particular selections is not to my taste, but I totally love the frugal moms series!

  8. Avatar

    Sooo the honey bee earrings will soon be mine, the Bohemian necklace and Pastel Mint Resin Ring. My bank account thanks you. LOL. Great post!

  9. Avatar

    Yeah, those pieces are beautiful, I must admit. I wouldn’t have known they weren’t that expensive unless you told me!

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