7 Effective Blogging Tools for Beginners

blogging tools for beginners

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blogging tools for beginners

Are you thinking about creating your own blog? Whether you are doing it out of a passion for writing or using it as a side hustle for extra money, when you decide to set up a blog website, you will need a number of tools to ensure your website can function well. In this post, I’d like to share 7 effective blogging tools for beginners: 

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1. SiteGround–For Web Hosting.

For new bloggers, it is critical to choose the best web hosting for your blog website. I highly recommend SiteGround for hosting WordPress blogs and websites because of its superb fast server time, reliable performance, and excellent technical support. It is the web host for all my websites now. My experience with SiteGround has been amazing so far. Compared to the web hosts I’ve used, Siteground is the best. 

Web Hosting

Speed and reliability are top two reasons why I love SiteGround. The loading time for blogs is the key to retaining readers on your blog website. SiteGround has used cutting-edge speed technology, including faster network servers and new software solutions, to make your blog website load fast. Using Siteground, your website will also be more reliable. The average uptime with SiteGround is 99.99%, which is hard to beat. 

SiteGround offers a unique account isolation feature on its server and protects your account intact. This feature allows them to quickly identify and patch vulnerabilities.

Siteground customer service is 24/7 and the technical teams at SiteGround are very knowledgeable. There are much more SiteGround can offer, such as free SSL certificate and HTTP/2, free Cloudflare CDN, 10GB of web space and free host transfer. 

Sign up SiteGround Hosting service and start your amazing blogging journey.

Web Hosting

2. MailerLite–For Mailing List.

You probably have heard that the importance of building a mailing list for updating your readers with recent blog posts and anything you want to share with them. While you are looking for a tool for growing your email list, you should consider using Mailerlite.  

It is free to send emails to up to 1,000 subscribers on your list. It is easy to use with simple and straightforward logic interface to navigate. The automation tools MailerLite provides RSS push emails and scheduling of prepared campaigns. It saves a lot of hassle in the email campaign for bloggers.

The editor tool MailerLite offers is a great drag and drop editor that helps you make nice emails without much HTML coding experience. In addition, MailerLite lets you grant different levels of access to your team members so they can also manage email campaigns.

Since you can send emails for the first 1,000 subscribers without cost, there is no risk to try it. Even after your subscriber number reaches 1,000, its charge is still more affordable than its competitors. For example, between 1,000 to 2,500 subscribers, it will be $10/month. Check their website for more details on pricing.

Now sign up MailerLite (try it for free) and you will get a $20 credit.

3.Elegant Themes–For Blog Template.

If you are looking for a perfect theme for your WordPress blog, be sure to check out Elegant Themes. Signing up Elegant themes allows you to gain access to a large portfolio of beautiful and effective themes.  

Divi, their most well-known theme is one of the best WordPress themes. Its strong and versatile web building tools are wonderful for creating a website and customizing its layout based on your niche.  

4. Grammarly–For Blog Grammar Checking.

Spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, and awkward sentence structures could ruin the readability of your blog. Grammarly is an automated proofreading tool that helps you check grammar and spelling errors.  

Grammarly has two types of account–free version and premium version. Many basic proofreading features are available for both types of accounts, while premium account has more advanced features such as advanced grammar and spelling checks, vocabulary enhancement, genre-specific writing style checks, etc. 

5. Canva–For Creating Appealing images.

Canva is one of best online graphic tools to create custom images for blog posts and social media. And it is free. Many bloggers, including myself, have been using Canva to create feature images, Pinterest images, and other images for different purposes.  

Canva offers numerous high-quality templates for you to choose from. After you decided the layout and templates, the customization process is super easy through the drag and drop and text boxes. Although some images and templates in Canva need payments, most of them are free to use. 

6. Tailwind–For Pinterest Scheduling.

Social sharing is critical for your blog growing. Among all social media, Pinterest is a fast-growing platform for sharing content and attracting users to visit your website and posts. To use Pinterest for growing blog traffic requires consistent pinning and repining your pins and others’ pins.

Tailwind is a schedule tool for Pinterest which allows you set your pinning and repining on auto-pilot. You just need to specify the days and times when you want your pins to be published. Tailwind has its own built-in Pinterest analytics and reporting tool which you can use to track profile performance, receive board insights and inspect individual pins. 

Sign up Tailwind free trial (no credit card required; allowing you to schedule/publish 100 Pinterest Pins and/or 30 Instagram Posts). When you upgrade, you will get $15 toward the plan.  

7. Google Analytics–For Tracking Blog Traffic.

Google Analytics is a free tool provides you with analytical data about your blog websites, such as how many visitors to your site, number of visitors, unique views, visitor characteristics (age, gender, etc).

You can also find out the most visited page of your blog in the past 30 days or so. Such information helps you understand what your readers like to reader and you can effectively tailor your topics.

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Best blogging tools for beginners
Building a successful blog needs lots of effort. With these effective blogging tools for beginners, you can start a blog with ease and achieve great results.

blogging tools for beginners
blogging tools for beginners

blogging tools for beginners


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