60 Fantastic Online Resources that Help Saving Money

online resources save money

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online resources save money

(Updated in January 2020)

There are many online resources for saving money. Here is a list of useful websites and apps that help you with different aspects of personal finance. They are simple to use and offer tremendous savings opportunities. 

Personal Finance and Investment Management

1. Personal Capital — Personal Capital allows users to include all accounts in one location and provides a summary of spending, net worth, and investment portfolio. The program helps you understand and assess your net worth and build a customized retirement plan. Sign up for Personal Capital for free HERE.

2. Digit — Digit connects checking account to analyze income and spending. It transfers a small amount of money from checking account to Digit savings every 2-3 days.

3. Acorns — An app that helps to make investments, even for just a few dollars. It rounds up all of the purchases to the nearest dollar, and invest that difference into a diversified stock. Sign up for Acorns HERE.

4. Robinhood — Robinhood app allows users to buy and sell stocks without paying a brokerage fee. There is no minimum deposit requirement or maintenance fee. Besides, you get a free stock when open a new account. Sign up for Robinhood HERE.

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5. Mint — Mints allows users to track spending by category. Users can put bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments in the app and have a comprehensive understanding of their personal finances. Sign up for Mint HERE.

6. Goodbudget — It uses envelope budget system. Using virtual envelope for budget category (e.g., groceries, transportation), users can track envelope balance and their bank balance.Sign up for Goodbudget HERE.

7. YNAB (You Need a Budget) — An online tool that creates a budget based on the income already earned and generates reports and graphs to show where the money goes. Sign up for YNAB HERE.

8. FeeX — FeeX tracks fees of users’ retirement account and makes suggestions on cutting the cost of fees.Sign up for Feex HERE.

9. Tip Yourself —It is an app that allows users to transfer small dollar amounts from their checking accounts. The goal is to build good money-saving habits. Sign up for Tip Yourself HERE.

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10. Rakuten (previously “Ebates”) — It pays members cash back every time you shop online through participating retailers (e.g, Amazon, Best Buy, GNC, Sephora–a long list of retailers). Sign up for Rakuten using this link now to receive $10 bonus when you spend $25 online.  

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11. TopCashback — It is an app that offers cash back for online shopping from well-known stores such as Amazon, Gap, Macys, Home Depot, and many more. I joined both Rakuten and TopCashback so I can compare deals and choose the best one for each online shopping.  Sign up for TopCashback. It’s completely free to join.

12. Befrugal — Just as the name indicates, this website/app helps you save money by offering certain percent of cashback when you shop through their link to over 500 retialers. It is simple to use and to track the money you’ve accumulated.  Sign up for BeFrugal now and get $10 bonus

13. Ibotta — It is an app that offers cash back for grocery shopping for items in the product gallery from participating stores. Sign up for Ibotta now (it’s completely FREE) and start saving

14. Fetch Rewards — It is an app that allows you to turn any grocery receipts into savings. Simply scan your grocery receipts and immediately you get points which can be added up to earn gift cards. Yes, it is that simple!  Sign up for Fetch Rewards using code “Y8HMH” now (it’s completely FREE), you will get 3,000 Fetch points to start with! 

15. SavingStar — It is an app that allows users to earn cash back through using their digital coupons. 

16. Shopkick — It is an app that people can use to browse products, find deals and get points for gift cards.

17. Checkout 51 — It is an app that allows users to redeem their offers and get cash back for qualified purchases in supermarkets and grocery stores.


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Price Tracking and Comparison

18. Paribus — It is an app that helps you get money back on online shopping when prices drop at a listed popular merchants such as Walmart and Costco. One can connect it with email so the app can scan the inbox for receipts from retailers. It can file a digital claim for you if the price drops and help you get the refund.Sign up for Paribus, 100% Free HERE.

19. ShopSavvy — It is an app that allows users to scan item barcodes at retail to find the best deal at local and online stores.

20. CamelCamelCamel — It is a price tracker that get discounts and track prices on Amazon products.

21. BuyVia — BuyVia is an app that offers price comparisons and shows sales by product category.

22. GoodRx — GoodRx compares prescription prices at pharmacies near you, including coupon information.

Deals and Coupons

23. Honey — Honey is free browser extension that can automatically find and applies coupon codes at checkout for over 30,000 online retailers. It helps you save time and money! Get Honey, 100% Free HERE.

24. Coupons— Coupons offers online and printable coupons, discount codes from their website or app. Find Coupons from coupons.com.

25. Flipp— Flipp provides a collection of store flyers as a showcase of all the sales. When using the app, tap the product and it’ll drop it into your “clipped” area to create a shopping list.

26. Redplum — It is another website that offers printable and downloadable coupons for groceries. 

27. RetailMeNot — It is an app that offers bargains from thousands of stores and restaurants.

28. Shopular — It is an app that lists weekly deals and promotion codes from major retailers such as Target and Walmart.

29. Coupon Mom — Couponmom is one of the best coupon blog sites, with many printable and online coupons by store, brand and item category.

30. Money Saving Mom — Money Saving Mom is another great coupon blog site that provides numerous coupons, deals, freebies and money management tips.

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Meal Planning

31. $5 Meal Plan —It is a website that provides recipes for family meals that cost $5 or less. Get your free trial

Start my free trial--$5 Meal Plan

32. The Dinner Daily —The Dinner Daily makes weekly dinner plans and shopping list based on store specials. They provide a free 2-week trial to everyone who signs up and give it a try.

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33. Paprika  It is an app that helps to make meal plans and grocery list.

34. eMeals — eMeals selects recipes from a variety of choices and generate shopping list accordingly.

Local Deals

35. Groupon — It delivers deals and coupons in local areas, such as restaurants and fitness centers.

36. LivingSocial — It provides users access to local deals on hotels, restaurants, and other places.

37. Local Flavor — It delivers various savings on dining at local restaurants, spars, fun, home improvement, and more.

38. Certifikid — It provides family-focused deals in Washington DC areas, Dallas, and some other big cities. They offer many deals on local summer camps, kid activities, sports events, etc.

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39. Airbnb — It is an online service that helps users find affordable accommodations by booking a bed-and-breakfast at a cheaper price. Sign up with my link and you will get up to $55 off your first trip.

40. Lyft — An app that helps users get an affordable ride whenever they need one.

41. Uber — An app that helps find a ride at lower costs.

42. GasBuddy — It is an app/website that allows you to find cheap gas in an area based on location or zip code. 

43. HotelTonight — HotelTonight helps find low prices on last-minute hotel bookings.

44. Couchsurfing — It helps saving money by searching for somebody’s couch for a night’s sleep. 

45. Priceline — It allows users to name their own price for hotels, car rental, and flights to get a deep discount.

46. Hotwire — It is a discount travel site that offers low prices for hotels, cars, and flights. It does not offer price bidding.

47. Expedia — It is another travel website that offers deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals.

48. Kayak — It searches hundreds of travel sites to find the information users needed to make decisions on flights, hotels, and rental cars.

49. BestParking — An app that locates available parking spots in an area and allows users to compare prices and make a reservation.

50. ParkMe — An app that compares parking spots and allows users to reserve a spot in advance to save money.

51. Parker — An app that helps find available parking spots, prices and hours and provide GPS navigation to the nearest open spot.

52. SpotHero — An app that makes finding a parking spot easy and fast. It allows a reservation to save money.

53. Commutewise — A social network for carpooling for lowering travel spending and protecting the environment.

54. Zipcar — It allows car rental for a few hours, a day, or a week. It reduces the need for vehicle ownership and encourages a more shareable form of transportation.

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online resources save money


55. Upromise — It is an online resource that offers cash back while doing online shopping and build a college fund.

56. Simpletuitions — A website that compares various student loans and saves money on college costs.

57. Fastweb — A website that helps find scholarships, financial aids, and student loans to cover some school costs

58. Unigo — It provides searching for college scholarships and student loans.

59. Student Scholarship Search —This site provides information on a large number of awards, scholarships, grants and prizes.

60. RedShelf — A website that helps saving money on books, textbooks, and other digital content.

60 Great Online Resources for Saving Money

Check out these online resources that help to improve your budget and saving money! Most of them are free or offer a free trial. What are the online resources or tools that you use for saving time and money? Feel free to share in the comments.

60 online resources for saving money


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